Slider Fishing Set Combo pack
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This is a slider fishing set combination allowing the angler to start out with all the components required for slide bait style fishing.


Package includes:

1 x Single Grapnel Sinker (Anglers choice of 5oz or 7.5oz)

- Other sizes will be listed as they become available.

1 x Non-Return Clip Slider 2.0mm T304 stainless steel with power swivel 133kg (Anglers choice of weighted or unweighted slider)

1 x Solid Ring stopper

1 x Luminous thimble


** Please Ensure the correct Sinker Size and Slider option is choosen **



- Please becareful when casting out heavy sinkers

- Watch your surroundings before casting, avoid injury to self or others

- Ensure that your fishing rod is capable of casting such a sinker to prevent breakage of rod or tip

- Ensure that leader line to sinker is heavy enough to take the force of the cast (Recommended at least 20lb monofiliment line)



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Slider Fishing Set Combo pack

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