Grapnel Sinker 7.5oz
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7.5oz Grapnel Sinker, used to anchor mainlain to the seafloor. These sinkers are also known as breakaway sinkers.

The angler will cast out the sinker first allowing it to sink and find a position for anchor. The heavy sinker will sink quickly preventing the current from dragging it around.

Once anchored, the angler can proceed to slide their bait to the stopper ring.


- Off the beach on sand, surf fishing

- Off piers and wharf

- Off the rocks


- 7.5oz Lead (210grams)

- Stainless steel legs

- Leg stopper rubber beads (Luminous)


- Please becareful when casting out heavy sinkers

- Watch your surroundings before casting, avoid injury to self or others

- Ensure that your fishing rod is capable of casting such a sinker to prevent breakage of rod or tip

- Ensure that leader line to sinker is heavy enough to take the force of the cast (Recommended at least 20lb monofiliment line)

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Grapnel Sinker 7.5oz

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